Group Music/Art Therapy Sessions

what we offer

Expressive Therapies offers group therapy for all ages and populations, through multiple settings, in order to best meet the needs of each individual.


Group therapy can be very successful and powerful for most individuals.  It allows for numerous benefits including, but not exclusive to:


  • Space to gain insight into interpersonal effectiveness and building of interpersonal skills and social skills

  • Realization that one is not alone

  • Facilitates giving and receiving support, allowing some to “find their voice”

  • Motivation from peers/other group members to make a change

  • Provides a space to relate to others in a healthy environment

  • Provides space to express feelings in a safe place.

getting started

Interested? An initial appointment is required prior to group starting ~ for more information on how to register, please

our groups

  • Social Skills and Music Psychotherapy (Level I and Level II) (ages 4-11)

  • Tuning in Through Music and Art (Preteens and teens)

  • Socializing in Music (Teens and Young Adults)

  • Drawing on Strengths (Teens)

  • WAM! (1 and 2) (ages 6-9)

  • Neurologic Music Therapy and Aphasia (18 and older)

  • Neurologic Music Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation (18 and older)

  • Empowering Art (Specifically for preteens/teens who have siblings who have been adopted)

  • Empowering Art (for individuals who have been adopted)

  • Midweek Mindfulness (18 and older)

  • Attachment and Attunement (mothers and infants)

  • Rhythms and Regulation (I and II)

  • Groovin' in the Music (Caregiver and 18 month-4 years)

  • Just for Today - open art studio for all ages and abilities

  • Creative Expressions - Art Therapy, Music Therapy and creative Writing (preteen/young teen girls)

  • Creative Expressions (8-10 year old girls)

  • Boys Only! art therapy group learning emotional expression (preteen boys)

  • CRESCENDO - our bands for preteen through adults - school year only

  • BEAT for youth ages 9-13

  • G.R.I.E.F. for youth ages 9-15

  • CALMM – Creating Arts and Learning Mindfulness & More for Teens

All services are facilitated by board-certified, licensed therapists. 


Therapy and enrichment services are offered at  245 N Metro Dr in Appleton WI. 

These services may also be a better fit in the community and/or a client's home/place of service. 

Expressive Therapies is happy to travel to best meet these needs as well.


For detailed information about all of our groups, including a Group Therapy Calendar, please click to open our

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