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Individual Therapy

what we offer

Expressive Therapies offers Individual therapy sessions. Services may be offered as Art Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Dance/Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, Music Psychotherapy, Music and Imagery or Guided Imagery and Music.

getting started

Individual therapy always starts with an initial evaluation.  This evaluation is meant to gather as much information as possible through a face to face meeting to gather paperwork from the individual and/or the family.  From here, a treatment plan is proposed and goals are set.

Plant Box

Individual sessions will begin based on the differing needs of each client. These sessions may be 45 minutes or 60 minutes in length.  For certain Guided Imagery and Music appointments, sessions may be 90-120 minutes in length.  This will be discussed with each individual prior to any appointment.

the methods

dragonfly alone watercolor filter transp
Teenger Playing Guitar

individual Therapy testimonial

"My son is new to music therapy and I’ve already seen many positives! Music therapy has provided an avenue to increased eye contact and verbal interaction. In a relatively short time, he has built a solid, trustful relationship with his music therapist. Because of this foundation, he and his therapist have used the power of music to encourage eye contact, verbal communication skills, participation, interaction with his therapist(s) and peers, compliance, and maintaining appropriate behaviors; all while being exposed to a variety of musical genres and instruments."

~Lori, mother of an adult son with autism

All services are facilitated by board-certified, licensed therapists. 


Therapy and enrichment services are offered at 245 N Metro Dr in Appleton WI. 

These services may also be a better fit in the community and/or a client's home/place of service. 

Expressive Therapies is happy to travel to best meet these needs as well.

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