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The creative arts are universal languages that speak across barriers and allow us all to express ourselves in a unique fashion. Music with it's rhythm, melody, harmony  and silence, and art with it's ability to access non-verbal expression, are effective tools in improving work environments. Expressive Therapies offers corporate group therapy in the form of day-long retreats, workshops, and/or weekly courses.


Corporate music and art therapy are non-threatening tools that are very helpful in achieving workplace wellness!  They allow for numerous benefits including, but not exclusive to:

  • improved communication

  • healthy expression of frustrations

  • team building

  • stress reduction

  • increased productivity

  • improved self-care

  • conflict transformation

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drum circles

Drumming - Conflict Transformation

Drumming is a beautiful tool that allows for individuals to express themselves, to release anger and frustration and to have an opportunity for fun, while drumming, with colleagues.  Through a thoughtfully facilitated drum circle, individuals are drawn into the rhythm and are engaged in numerous activities focusing on team building, expression, increasing morale and finding harmony.  Different skills are utilized by each team member throughout a drum circle and these skills include: active listening, respecting, contributing, and connecting.   Drumming can provide an outlet for individuals like they've never had an opportunity to experience!  

Through drumming individuals learn that self-expression may be easier on a drum as the drum becomes a voice of emotions for which words alone cannot express, allowing individuals to release emotional tension.  

Drumming is also very physical - it is a great exercise in learning to release physical tension in a healthy manner. Morale is often boosted as drumming provides a safe environment to have to work together and to have a sense of camaraderie, building trust and empowering those involved! The drum is a powerful instrument. Strong. Percussive. Loud. The drum empowers us to be our strongest self and to work together.

ART Options

Art Therapy 

Expressive Therapies will custom-tailor your workplace-focused Art Therapy session based on the needs of your individual corporation.

Exploration of different mediums in the presence of an art therapist can:

  • Provide opportunities for team building, 

  • Promote connection, relationships and communication among staff

  • Provide opportunities for staff to come together and process difficult situations (interactions with customers, patients, policies) to prevent burnout and engage in self-care

  • Create a space for collaboration – (one example - having staff engage in an art piece that could potentially be in an installation piece in their building)

  • Enhance self-awareness and professional development – one example being: learning how stress affects our body and how engaging in the creative process can be healing

  • Provide opportunity and space for relaxation and inspiration

Finding Your Heart Song!

Finding Your Heart Song - Self-care

Finding Your Heart Song is a day long retreat or a four week course in self-care through the wonderful aspects of music!  Music is a part of who we are at our deepest level and we don't need any special talent or training to harness its power in order to enhance our lives! Participants will learn about the four elements of music and the benefits of each: melody, harmony, rhythm and silence.  Participants will learn how to best engage these elements in daily living in order to find their heart song and practice great self-care. 


This therapeutic course focuses on utilizing rhythm as medicine for the body and creating forward motion as well as using melody, the medicine for our hearts.  Participants will also learn about harmony as medicine for the soul and silence - medicine for the mind. 


Studies show some of the benefits of utilizing music as medicine are:

  • lower stress levels

  • reduce anxiety levels

  • improve mood

  • improve self-expression

  • greater creativity

  • stimulating healthy brain activity

  • strengthening immune system

"Playing music is found to be three times more effective for reducing stress related gene expression than simply just 'chilling out'!"   

~ Christine Stevens MSW, MT-BC and Barry Bittman MD

All services are facilitated by board-certified, licensed therapists. 


Therapy and enrichment services are offered at  245 N Metro Dr in Appleton WI. 

These services may also be a better fit in the community and/or a client's home/place of service. 

Expressive Therapies is happy to travel to best meet these needs as well.


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