About the Dragonfly

A dragonfly is a symbol of change and positivity throughout many cultures: Dragonflies carry wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. They embody the stripping away of negativity that can hold us back. Dragonflies inspire creativity and help us on the path of discovery and enlightenment. They remind us of the energy within and remind of our true potential and ability. The dragonfly invites people to keep a light, positive outlook no matter what.

Dragonflies remind us that anything is possible.


Expressive Therapies LLC seeks to empower individuals—those living with social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual needs—through trauma informed care: music, art and mental health therapies to improve health and well-being. 


Expressive Therapies LLC aims to be a leader in providing quality, evidence based therapies (music, art, mental health) under the direction of a board-certified or licensed therapist.  Expressive Therapies strives to collaborate with other disciplines and the surrounding communities to empower all ages and populations to embrace life and live fully.


A variety of therapy services helps Expressive Therapies LLC meet the needs of the community.
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Adaptive Lessons

Music Therapy reduces pain perception.

We Are Stronger Together

featuring clients & staff and bruno mars performing "Count on me"







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Expressive Therapies, LLC

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