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Empowering individuals—those living with social, cognitive, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs—through music, art and mental health therapies to improve health & well-being.

Drum Circles

Drumming can have a profound affect on one's emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Rhythm is innate in all of us and brings joy and self-expression in our lives.  


The drum has extraordinary power to touch something deep and powerful within us all.  It awakens an aspect of ourselves that lies dormant until it hears an ancient calling through the

rhythms of this healing vehicle.


Drum circles can be recreational or therapeutic in nature.

Bring drumming to your next gathering whether it is a girl's weekend, a corporate event or a family gathering.  

Learn how drumming can impact your next function

whether for business or pleasure.


Contact Expressive Therapies for more information on different styles of recreational or therapeutic drum circles and which one would be the best fit for your gathering! 


Music and Imagery

Have you ever wanted a different method to address things going on in your life?  Sometimes we feel like we "talk things to death" and they still are not where we would like them to be! 


Music and Imagery is an opportunity to gain a new approach into your psyche!  Utilizing carefully selected music, depending upon what has been discussed and the desire of the session, the music and the therapist become "co-facilitators" and offer a different technique in order to get “a glimpse of the psyche”. The intent

is to work with one specific issue or intention.  Throughout the music and imagery portion, you are imaging in the style that works best for you!  

Imagery is more than just visualization. Types of imagery include: visual, auditory, olfactory (smell), gustatory(taste), tactile (touch), kinesthetic (internal sense of movement in the body), body – distortion of body parts, and noetic – a very strong sense of knowing. We all image differently and each time we image it may be different for ourselves.  

After the imagery work is over, the experience is continued on paper, in order to process, usually through a mandala.

Music and imagery can be done on an individual basis or in a group setting.  Both are offered at Expressive Therapies!


Finding Your Heart Song!

Are you interested in:

  • lowering your stress levels
  • reducing anxiety levels
  • improving your mood
  • improving your self-expression
  • allowing for greater creativity in your life
  • stimulating healthy brain activity
  • strengthening your immune system


If any of these above points sound intriguing – see how you can benefit from Finding Your Heart Song!  Finding your Heart Song is a weekly group or self-care workshop that will focus on four elements of music & how they can benefit our lives daily.

Rhythm – medicine for the body and creating forward motion

Melody – medicine for our hearts

Harmony – medicine for our souls

Silence – medicine for our minds

Within this group structure, you do not need to have any musical experience except to enjoy music in your own life (listening, singing, etc). You will learn how to best engage these elements in your daily living in order to find your own heart song!


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